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On the reflexivity of multigenerator algebras



Rozprawy Matematyczne tom/nr w serii: 378 wydano: 1998


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1. Introduction...................................................................................................5
2. N-tuples of linear transformations in finite-dimensional space......................8
3. Toeplitz operators on the polydisc and the unit ball....................................18
4. Subspaces of weighted shifts.....................................................................23
5. Joint spectra for N-tuples of operators........................................................27
6. Algebras of operator weighted shifts...........................................................30
7. Functional calculus for N-tuples of contractions..........................................37
8. Dual algebras, invariant subspace problem and reflexivity..........................44
9. Reflexivity of jointly quasinormal operators and spherical isometries..........45
10. Reflexivity and existence of invariant subspaces......................................47
11. Questions and open problems..................................................................56

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Rozprawy Matematyczne tom/nr w serii: 378

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Opis fizyczny

Dissertationes Mathematicae, Tom CCCLXXVIII




  • Institute of Mathematics, University of Agriculture, Ul. Królewska 6, 30-045 Kraków, Poland


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1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 47D27, 47A15; Secondary 15A30, 47D25, 47D15, 47B37, 47B35, 47B20.

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