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2014 | 34 | 4 | 829-848
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Characterization Of Super-Radial Graphs

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In a graph G, the distance d(u, v) between a pair of vertices u and v is the length of a shortest path joining them. The eccentricity e(u) of a vertex u is the distance to a vertex farthest from u. The minimum eccentricity is called the radius, r(G), of the graph and the maximum eccentricity is called the diameter, d(G), of the graph. The super-radial graph R*(G) based on G has the vertex set as in G and two vertices u and v are adjacent in R*(G) if the distance between them in G is greater than or equal to d(G) − r(G) + 1 in G. If G is disconnected, then two vertices are adjacent in R*(G) if they belong to different components. A graph G is said to be a super-radial graph if it is a super-radial graph R*(H) of some graph H. The main objective of this paper is to solve the graph equation R*(H) = G for a given graph G.
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  • Center for Research and Post Graduate Studies in Mathematics Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College Sivakasi-626 124,Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Mathematics The Madura College Madurai-625 011, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Center for Research and Post Graduate Studies in Mathematics Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College Sivakasi-626 124,Tamil Nadu, India
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