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2013 | 33 | 3 | 477-492

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Universality in Graph Properties with Degree Restrictions

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Rado constructed a (simple) denumerable graph R with the positive integers as vertex set with the following edges: For given m and n with m < n, m is adjacent to n if n has a 1 in the m’th position of its binary expansion. It is well known that R is a universal graph in the set [...] of all countable graphs (since every graph in [...] is isomorphic to an induced subgraph of R). A brief overview of known universality results for some induced-hereditary subsets of [...] is provided. We then construct a k-degenerate graph which is universal for the induced-hereditary property of finite k-degenerate graphs. In order to attempt the corresponding problem for the property of countable graphs with colouring number at most k + 1, the notion of a property with assignment is introduced and studied. Using this notion, we are able to construct a universal graph in this graph property and investigate its attributes.









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  • Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences University of South Africa Pretoria, South Africa
  • Department of Applied Mathematics Technical University of Košice Košice, Slovakia


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