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2013 | 11 | 11 | 1949-1959
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Skeletally Dugundji spaces

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We introduce and investigate the class of skeletally Dugundji spaces as a skeletal analogue of Dugundji space. Our main result states that the following conditions are equivalent for a given space X: (i) X is skeletally Dugundji; (ii) every compactification of X is co-absolute to a Dugundji space; (iii) every C*-embedding of the absolute p(X) in another space is strongly π-regular; (iv) X has a multiplicative lattice in the sense of Shchepin [Shchepin E.V., Topology of limit spaces with uncountable inverse spectra, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 1976, 31(5), 191–226 (in Russian)] consisting of skeletal maps.
Opis fizyczny
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