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2013 | 11 | 3 | 477-486
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On a question of A. Schinzel: Omega estimates for a special type of arithmetic functions

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The paper deals with lower bounds for the remainder term in asymptotics for a certain class of arithmetic functions. Typically, these are generated by a Dirichlet series of the form ζ 2(s)ζ(2s−1)ζ M(2s)H(s), where M is an arbitrary integer and H(s) has an Euler product which converges absolutely for R s > σ0, with some fixed σ0 < 1/2.
  • Institute of Mathematics, Department of Integrative Biology, BOKU Wien, 1180, Vienna, Austria
  • Institute of Mathematics, Department of Integrative Biology, BOKU Wien, 1180, Vienna, Austria
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