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2011 | 9 | 4 | 715-730
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Moment-angle complexes from simplicial posets

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We extend the construction of moment-angle complexes to simplicial posets by associating a certain T m-space Z S to an arbitrary simplicial poset S on m vertices. Face rings ℤ[S] of simplicial posets generalise those of simplicial complexes, and give rise to new classes of Gorenstein and Cohen-Macaulay rings. Our primary motivation is to study the face rings ℤ[S] by topological methods. The space Z S has many important topological properties of the original moment-angle complex Z K associated to a simplicial complex K. In particular, we prove that the integral cohomology algebra of Z S is isomorphic to the Tor-algebra of the face ring ℤ[S]. This leads directly to a generalisation of Hochster’s theorem, expressing the algebraic Betti numbers of the ring ℤ[S] in terms of the homology of full subposets in S. Finally, we estimate the total amount of homology of Z S from below by proving the toral rank conjecture for the moment-angle complexes Z S.
Opis fizyczny
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