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2009 | 7 | 2 | 272-298

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∞-jets of diffeomorphisms preserving orbits of vector fields

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Let F be a C ∞ vector field defined near the origin O ∈ ℝn, F(O) = 0, and (Ft) be its local flow. Denote by the set of germs of orbit preserving diffeomorphisms h: ℝn → ℝn at O, and let , (r ≥ 0), be the identity component of with respect to the weak Whitney Wr topology. Then contains a subset consisting of maps of the form Fα(x)(x), where α: ℝn → ℝ runs over the space of all smooth germs at O. It was proved earlier by the author that if F is a linear vector field, then = . In this paper we present a class of examples of vector fields with degenerate singularities at O for which formally coincides with , i.e. on the level of ∞-jets at O. We also establish parameter rigidity of linear vector fields and “reduced” Hamiltonian vector fields of real homogeneous polynomials in two variables.










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  • Topology Department, Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


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