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2008 | 6 | 2 | 272-280
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Norm conditions for uniform algebra isomorphisms

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In recent years much work has been done analyzing maps, not assumed to be linear, between uniform algebras that preserve the norm, spectrum, or subsets of the spectra of algebra elements, and it is shown that such maps must be linear and/or multiplicative. Letting A and B be uniform algebras on compact Hausdorff spaces X and Y, respectively, it is shown here that if λ ∈ ℂ / {0} and T: A → B is a surjective map, not assumed to be linear, satisfying $$ \left\| {T(f)T(g) + \lambda } \right\| = \left\| {fg + \lambda } \right\|\forall f,g \in A, $$ then T is an ℝ-linear isometry and there exist an idempotent e ∈ B, a function κ ∈ B with κ 2 = 1, and an isometric algebra isomorphism $$ \tilde T:{\rm A} \to Be \oplus \bar B(1 - e) $$ such that $$ T(f) = \kappa \left( {\tilde T(f)e + \gamma \overline {\tilde T(f)} (1 - e)} \right) $$ for all f ∈ A, where γ = λ / |λ|. Moreover, if T is unital, i.e. T(1) = 1, then T(i) = i implies that T is an isometric algebra isomorphism whereas T(i) = −i implies that T is a conjugate-isomorphism.
Opis fizyczny
  • Division of Science and Mathematics
  • University of Montana
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