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2012 | 1 | 112-142

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Mesoscopic description of boundary effects in nanoscale heat transport

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We review some of the most important phenomena due to the phonon-wall collisions in nonlocal heat transport in nanosystems, and show how they may be described through certain slip boundary conditions in phonon hydrodynamics. Heat conduction in nanowires of different cross sections and in thin layers is analyzed, and the dependence of the thermal conductivity on the geometry, as well as on the roughness is pointed out. We also analyze the effects of the roughness of the surface of the pores on the thermal conductivity of porous silicon. Thermoelectric effects are considered as well. In memory of Professor Carlo Cercignani


  • Departament de Física, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
    08193 Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain
  • Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics,
    University of Basilicata, Campus Macchia Romana,
    85100 Potenza, Italy
  • Departament de Física, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
    08193 Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain
  • Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Carme 47, Barcelona 08001,
    Catalonia, Spain
  • Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics,
    University of Basilicata, Campus Macchia Romana,
    85100 Potenza, Italy


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