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2015 | 1 | 1 |

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Application of the Novel (G′/G)-Expansion Method to the Regularized Long Wave Equation

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In this paper we investigate the regularized long wave equation involving parameters by applying the novel (G′/G)-expansion method together with the generalized Riccati equation. The solutions obtained in this manuscript may be imperative and significant for the explanation of some practical physical phenomena. The performance of this method is reliable, useful, and gives us more new exact solutions than the existing methods such as the basic (G′/G)-expansion method, the extended (G′/G)-expansion method, the improved (G′/G)-expansion method, the generalized and improved (G′/G)-expansion method etc. The obtained traveling wave solutions including solitons and periodic solutions are presented through the hyperbolic, the trigonometric and the rational functions. The method turns out to be a powerful mathematical tool and a step foward towards, albeit easily and yet efficiently, solving nonlinear evolution equations.







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  • Department of Mathematics, Pabna University of Science & Technology, Pabna-6600, Bangladesh
  • Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Basic Education, PAAET, Al-Aardhiya, Kuwait


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