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2015 | 2 | 1 |

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A nth-order shear deformation theory for composite laminates in cylindrical bending

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The present study investigates whether an nthorder shear deformation theory is applicable for the composite laminates in cylindrical bending. The theory satisfies the traction free conditions at top and bottom surfaces of the plate and does not require problem dependent shear correction factor which is normally associated with the first order shear deformation theory. The well-known classical plate theory at (n = 1) and higher order shear deformation theory of Reddy at (n = 3) are the perticular cases of the present theory. The governing equations of equilibrium and boundary conditions are obtained using the principle of virtual work. A simply supported laminated composite plate infinitely long in y-direction is considered for the detail numerical study. A closed form solution for simply supported boundary conditions is obtained using Navier’s technique. The displacements and stresses are obtained for different aspect ratios and modular ratios.







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  • Department of Civil Engineering, SRES’s College of Engineering,
    University of Pune, Kopargaon-423601, Maharashtra,
  • Department of Applied Mechanics, Government Engineering
    College, Karad-415124, Maharashtra, India


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