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2000 | 139 | 2 | 175-188
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On absolutely representing systems in spaces of infinitely differentiable functions

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The main part of the paper is devoted to the problem of the existence of absolutely representing systems of exponentials with imaginary exponents in the spaces $C^∞(G)$ and $C^∞(K)$ of infinitely differentiable functions where G is an arbitrary domain in $ℝ^p$, p≥1, while K is a compact set in $ℝ^p$ with non-void interior K̇ such that $\overline K̇= K$. Moreover, absolutely representing systems of exponents in the space H(G) of functions analytic in an arbitrary domain $G ⊆ ℂ^p$ are also investigated.
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  • Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Rostov State University, ul. Zorge, 5, 344090 Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
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