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1999 | 135 | 1 | 83-102
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On spreading $c_0$-sequences in Banach spaces

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We introduce and study the spreading-(s) and the spreading-(u) property of a Banach space and their relations. A space has the spreading-(s) property if every normalized weakly null sequence has a subsequence with a spreading model equivalent to the usual basis of $c_0$; while it has the spreading-(u) property if every weak Cauchy and non-weakly convergent sequence has a convex block subsequence with a spreading model equivalent to the summing basis of $c_0$. The main results proved are the following: (a) A Banach space X has the spreading-(s) property if and only if for every subspace Y of X and for every pair of sequences (x_n) in Y and $(x*_n)$ in Y*, with(x_n) weakly null in Y and $(x_n*)$ uniformly weakly null in Y* (in the sense of Mercourakis), we have $x*_n(x_n) → 0$ (i.e. X has a hereditary weak Dunford-Pettis property). (b) A Banach space X has the spreading-(u) property if and only if $B_1(X) ⊆ B_{1/4}(X)$ in the sense of the classification of Baire-1 elements of X** according to Haydon-Odell-Rosenthal. (c) The spreading-(s) property implies the spreading-(u) property. Result (c), proved via infinite combinations, connects an internal condition on a Banach space with an external one.
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