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1996 | 120 | 1 | 1-22
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Gehring's lemma for metrics and higher integrability of the gradient for minimizers of noncoercive variational functionals

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We prove a higher integrability result - similar to Gehring's lemma - for the metric space associated with a family of Lipschitz continuous vector fields by means of sub-unit curves. Applications are given to show the higher integrability of the gradient of minimizers of some noncoercive variational functionals.
Słowa kluczowe
  • Dipartimento Matematico dell'Università, Piazza di Porta S. Donato, 5, 40127 Bologna, Italy
  • Dipartimento Matematico dell'Università, Piazza di Porta S. Donato, 5, 40127 Bologna, Italy
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