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1995-1996 | 117 | 3 | 253-273
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On the exponential Orlicz norms of stopped Brownian motion

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Necessary and sufficient conditions are found for the exponential Orlicz norm (generated by $ψ_p(x) = exp(|x|^p)-1$ with 0 < p ≤ 2) of $max_{0≤t≤τ}|B_t|$ or $|B_τ|$ to be finite, where $B = (B_t)_{t≥0}$ is a standard Brownian motion and τ is a stopping time for B. The conditions are in terms of the moments of the stopping time τ. For instance, we find that $∥max_{0≤t≤τ}|B_t|∥_{ψ_1} < ∞$ as soon as $E(τ^{k}) = O(C^{k}k^{k})$ for some constant C > 0 as k → ∞ (or equivalently $∥τ∥_{ψ_1} < ∞$). In particular, if τ ∼ Exp(λ) or $|N(0,σ^2)|$ then the last condition is satisfied, and we obtain $∥max_{0≤t≤τ}|B_t|∥_{ψ_1} ≤ K √{E(τ)}$ with some universal constant K > 0. Moreover, this inequality remains valid for any class of stopping times τ for B satisfying $E(τ^{k}) ≤ C(Eτ)^{k}k^{k}$ for all k ≥ 1 with some fixed constant C > 0. The method of proof relies upon Taylor expansion, Burkholder-Gundy's inequality, best constants in Doob's maximal inequality, Davis' best constants in the $L^p$-inequalities for stopped Brownian motion, and estimates of the smallest and largest positive zero of Hermite polynomials. The results extend to the case of any continuous local martingale (by applying the time change method of Dubins and Schwarz).
  • Institute of Mathematics, University of Aarhus, Ny Munkegade, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Bijenička 30, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia
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