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1995 | 114 | 2 | 127-145
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Averages of unitary representations and weak mixing of random walks

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Let S be a locally compact (σ-compact) group or semigroup, and let T(t) be a continuous representation of S by contractions in a Banach space X. For a regular probability μ on S, we study the convergence of the powers of the μ-average Ux = ʃ T(t)xdμ(t). Our main results for random walks on a group G are: (i) The following are equivalent for an adapted regular probability on G: μ is strictly aperiodic; $U^n$ converges weakly for every continuous unitary representation of G; U is weakly mixing for any ergodic group action in a probability space. (ii) If μ is ergodic on G metrizable, and $U^n$ converges strongly for every unitary representation, then the random walk is weakly mixing: $n^{-1} ∑_{k=1}^n |⟨μ^{k}*f,g⟩| → 0$ for $g ∈ L_∞(G)$ and $f ∈ L_{1}(G)$ with ʃ fdλ = 0. (iii) Let G be metrizable, and assume that it is nilpotent, or that it has equivalent left and right uniform structures. Then μ is ergodic and strictly aperiodic if and only if the random walk is weakly mixing. (iv) Weak mixing is characterized by the asymptotic behaviour of $μ^n$ on $UCB_{l}(G)$
Słowa kluczowe
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  • Institut für Mathematische Stochastik, Lotzestrasse 13, Göttingen, Germany.
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