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1993 | 106 | 2 | 189-196
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Topological tensor products of a Fréchet-Schwartz space and a Banach space

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We exhibit examples of countable injective inductive limits E of Banach spaces with compact linking maps (i.e. (DFS)-spaces) such that $E ⊗_{ε} X$ is not an inductive limit of normed spaces for some Banach space X. This solves in the negative open questions of Bierstedt, Meise and Hollstein. As a consequence we obtain Fréchet-Schwartz spaces F and Banach spaces X such that the problem of topologies of Grothendieck has a negative answer for $F ⨶_π X$. This solves in the negative a question of Taskinen. We also give examples of Fréchet-Schwartz spaces and (DFS)-spaces without the compact approximation property and with the compact approximation property but without the approximation property.
  • Departamento de Matemática, Aplicada Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, E.T.S. Arquitectura, E-46071 Valencia, Spain
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