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2013 | 33 | 1-2 | 47-64
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Extremal (in)dependence of a maximum autoregressive process

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Maximum autoregressive processes like MARMA (Davis and Resnick, [5] 1989) or power MARMA (Ferreira and Canto e Castro, [12] 2008) have singular joint distributions, an unrealistic feature in most applications. To overcome this pitfall, absolute continuous versions were presented in Alpuim and Athayde [2] (1990) and Ferreira and Canto e Castro [14] (2010b), respectively. We consider an extended version of absolute continuous maximum autoregressive processes that accommodates both asymptotic tail dependence and independence. A full characterization of the bivariate lag-m tail dependence is presented. This will be useful in an adjustment procedure of the model to real data. An illustration with financial data is presented at the end.
  • Center of Mathematics of Minho University, Campus de Gualtar, 4710 - 057 Braga, Portugal
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