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2010 | 30 | 2 | 253-267
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Optimal design of cylindrical shells

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The present paper studies an optimization problem of dynamically loaded cylindrical tubes. This is a problem of linear elasticity theory. As we search for the optimal thickness of the tube which minimizes the displacement under forces, this is a problem of shape optimization. The mathematical model is given by a differential equation (ODE and PDE, respectively); the mechanical problem is described as an optimal control problem. We consider both the stationary (time independent) and the transient (time dependent) case. P. Nestler derives the model-equations from the Mindlin and Reissner hypotheses. Then, necessary optimality conditions for the optimal control problem are given. Numerical solutions are obtained by FEM, numerical examples are presented.
  • Greifswald University, Germany
  • Greifswald University, Germany
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