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2010 | 30 | 1 | 5-21
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Second-order viability result in Banach spaces

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We show the existence result of viable solutions to the second-order differential inclusion
ẍ(t) ∈ F(t,x(t),ẋ(t)),
x(0) = x₀, ẋ(0) = y₀, x(t) ∈ K on [0,T],
where K is a closed subset of a separable Banach space E and F(·,·,·) is a closed multifunction, integrably bounded, measurable with respect to the first argument and Lipschitz continuous with respect to the third argument.
  • University Hassan II-Mohammedia, U.F.R Mathematics and Applications, F.S.T, BP 146, Mohammedia, Morocco
  • University Hassan II-Mohammedia, U.F.R Mathematics and Applications, F.S.T, BP 146, Mohammedia, Morocco
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