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2008 | 28 | 1 | 5-13
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Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of difference equations in Banach spaces

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In this paper we consider the first order difference equation in a Banach space
$Δx_{n} = ∑_{i=0}^∞ a^{i}_{n} f(x_{n+i})$.
We show that this equation has a solution asymptotically equal to a.
As an application of our result we study the difference equation
$Δx_{n} = ∑_{i=0}^∞ a^i_{n}g(x_{n+i}) + ∑_{i=0}^∞ b^{i}_{n}h(x_{n+i}) + y_{n}$
and give conditions when this equation has solutions.
In this note we extend the results from [8,9]. For example, in [9] the function f is a real Lipschitz function. We suppose that f has values in a Banach space and satisfies some conditions with respect to the measure of noncompactness and measure of weak noncompactness.
  • Technical University of Poznań, Piotrowo 3, PL-60-965 Poznań, Poland
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