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2002 | 22 | 1 | 33-66
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Approximation of set-valued functions by single-valued one

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Let $Σ: M → 2^Y\{∅}$ be a set-valued function defined on a Hausdorff compact topological space M and taking values in the normed space (Y,||·||). We deal with the problem of finding the best Chebyshev type approximation of the set-valued function Σ by a single-valued function g from a given closed convex set V ⊂ C(M,Y). In an abstract setting this problem is posed as the extremal problem $sup_{t ∈ M} ρ(g(t), (t)) → inf$, g ∈ V. Here ρ is a functional whose values ρ(q,S) can be interpreted as some distance from the point q to the set S ⊂ Y. In the paper, we are confined to two natural distance functionals ρ = H and ρ = D. H(q,S) is the Hausdorff distance (the excess) from the point q to the set cl S, and D(q,S) is referred to as the oriented distance from the point q to set cl conv S. We prove that both these problems are convex optimization problems. While distinguishing between the so called regular and irregular case problems, in particular the case V = C(M,Y) is studied to show that the solutions in the irregular case are obtained as continuous selections of certain set-valued maps. In the general case, optimality conditions in terms of directional derivatives are obtained of both primal and dual type.
  • Technical University of Varna, BG-9010 Varna, Bulgaria
  • Technical University of Ilmenau, D-98684 Ilmenau, PF 100565, Germany
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