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1997 | 38 | 1 | 227-246
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Hilbert modules and tensor products of operator spaces

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The classical identification of the predual of B(H) (the algebra of all bounded operators on a Hilbert space H) with the projective operator space tensor product $\bar{H}\hat{⨂}H$ is extended to the context of Hilbert modules over commutative von Neumann algebras. Each bounded module homomorphism b between Hilbert modules over a general C*-algebra is shown to be completely bounded with $∥ b∥_{cb}=∥ b∥ $. The so called projective operator tensor product of two operator modules X and Y over an abelian von Neumann algebra C is introduced and if Y is a Hilbert module, this product is shown to coincide with the Haagerup tensor product of X and Y over C.
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  • Department of Mathematics, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
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