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1996 | 33 | 1 | 171-187
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Singular Hamiltonian systems and symplectic capacities

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The purpose of this paper is to develop the basics of a theory of Hamiltonian systems with non-differentiable Hamilton functions which have become important in symplectic topology. A characteristic differential inclusion is introduced and its equivalence to Hamiltonian inclusions for certain convex Hamiltonians is established. We give two counterexamples showing that basic properties of smooth systems are violated for non-smooth quasiconvex submersions, e.g. even the energy conservation which nevertheless holds for convex submersions. This also implies that the convexity assumption determines, although not symplectically invariant, a limit case for symplectic geometry. Some applications of this theory are reviewed: symplectic capacities for general convex sets, the symplectic product and a product formula for symplectic capacities.
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