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1994 | 29 | 1 | 275-281
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On numerical solution of multiparameter Sturm-Liouville spectral problems

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The method proposed here has been devised for solution of the spectral problem for the Lamé wave equation (see [2]), but extended lately to more general problems. This method is based on the phase function concept or the Prüfer angle determined by the Prüfer transformation cotθ(x) = y'(x)/y(x), where y(x) is a solution of a second order self-adjoint o.d.e. The Prüfer angle θ(x) has some useful properties very often being referred to in theoretical research concerning both single- and multi-parameter Sturm-Liouville spectral problems (see e.g. [6,14,5]). All these properties may be useful for numerical solution of the above problems as well. For an account of numerical methods for solving the single-parameter Sturm-Liouville spectral problem by means of a modified Prüfer transformation one is referred to [1,11,9].
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