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1998 | 68 | 2 | 125-157
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Distortion inequality for the Frobenius-Perron operator and some of its consequences in ergodic theory of Markov maps in $ℝ^d$

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Języki publikacji
Asymptotic properties of the sequences
(a) ${P^j_φ g}_{j=1}^{∞}$ and
(b) ${j^{-1} ∑_{i=0}^{j-1} Pⁱ_φ g}_{j=1}^{∞}$,
where $P_φ:L¹ → L¹$ is the Frobenius-Perron operator associated with a nonsingular Markov map defined on a σ-finite measure space, are studied for g ∈ G = {f ∈ L¹: f ≥ 0 and ⃦f ⃦ = 1}. An operator-theoretic analogue of Rényi's Condition is introduced. It is proved that under some additional assumptions this condition implies the L¹-convergence of the sequences (a) and (b) to a unique g₀ ∈ G. The general result is applied to some smooth Markov maps in $ℝ^d$. Also the Bernoulli property is proved for a class of smooth Markov maps in $ℝ^d$.
Opis fizyczny
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