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1997 | 66 | 1 | 77-103
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Covariant differential operators and Green's functions

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The basic idea of this paper is to use the covariance of a partial differential operator under a suitable group action to determine suitable associated Green's functions. For instance, we offer a new proof of a formula for Green's function of the mth power $Δ^m$ of the ordinary Laplace's operator Δ in the unit disk 𝔻 found in a recent paper (Hayman-Korenblum, J. Anal. Math. 60 (1993), 113-133). We also study Green's functions associated with mth powers of the Poincaré invariant Laplace operator 𝜟. It turns out that they can be expressed in terms of certain special functions of which the dilogarithm (m = 2) and the trilogarithm (m = 3) are the simplest instances. Finally, we establish a relationship between $Δ^m$ and 𝜟 : the former is up to conjugation a polynomial of the latter.
Opis fizyczny
  • Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Žitná 25, Czech Republic
  • Department of Mathematics, Lund University, Box 118 11567 Praha 1, S-22100 Lund, Sweden
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