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1996 | 64 | 2 | 139-151
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Defining complete and observable chaos

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For a continuous map f from a real compact interval I into itself, we consider the set C(f) of points (x,y) ∈ I² for which $lim inf_{n→∞} |f^n(x) - f^n(y)| = 0$ and $lim sup_{n→∞} |f^n(x) - f^n(y)| > 0$. We prove that if C(f) has full Lebesgue measure then it is residual, but the converse may not hold. Also, if λ² denotes the Lebesgue measure on the square and Ch(f) is the set of points (x,y) ∈ C(f) for which neither x nor y are asymptotically periodic, we show that λ²(C(f)) > 0 need not imply λ²(Ch(f)) > 0. We use these results to propose some plausible definitions of "complete" and "observable" chaos.
Opis fizyczny
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