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1991 | 55 | 1 | 117-139
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Univalent functions with logarithmic restrictions

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It is known that univalence property of regular functions is better understood in terms of some restrictions of logarithmic type. Such restrictions are connected with natural stratifications of the studied classes of univalent functions. The stratification of the basic class S of functions regular and univalent in the unit disk by the Grunsky operator norm as well as the more general one of the class 𝔐 * of pairs of univalent functions without common values by the τ-norm (this concept is introduced here) are given in the paper. Moreover, some properties of univalent functions whose range has finite logarithmic area are considered. To apply the logarithmic restrictions a special exponentiation technique is used.
  • NPO Cnita, Bukharestskaya, 1, Leningrad 192102, U.S.S.R.
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