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2012 | 22 | 3 | 601-616

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Modelling and control of an omnidirectional mobile manipulator

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A new approach to control an omnidirectional mobile manipulator is developed. The robot is considered to be an individual agent aimed at performing robotic tasks described in terms of a displacement and a force interaction with the environment. A reactive architecture and impedance control are used to ensure reliable task execution in response to environment stimuli. The mechanical structure of our holonomic mobile manipulator is built of two joint manipulators mounted on a holonomic vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with three driven axles with two spherical orthogonal wheels. Taking into account the dynamical interaction between the base and the manipulator, one can define the dynamics of the mobile manipulator and design a nonlinear controller using the input-state linearization method. The control structure of the robot is built in order to demonstrate the main capabilities regarding navigation and obstacle avoidance. Several simulations were conducted to prove the effectiveness of this approach.








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  • Department of Electronics, University of Batna, Rue Chahid Boukhlouf, Batna 05000, Algeria
  • ENSI de Bourges, PRISME, 10 Boulevard Lahitolle, 18020 Bourges cedex, France
  • ENSI de Bourges, PRISME, 10 Boulevard Lahitolle, 18020 Bourges cedex, France
  • Department of Electronics, University of Batna, Rue Chahid Boukhlouf, Batna 05000, Algeria


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