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2005 | 15 | 4 | 517-526

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Identifiability and estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters for the ligands of the macrophage mannose receptor

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The aim of this paper is numerical estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters of the ligands of the macrophage mannose receptor, without knowing it a priori the values of these parameters. However, it first requires a model identifiability analysis, which is done by applying an algorithm implemented in a symbolic computation language. It is shown that this step can lead to a direct numerical estimation algorithm. In this way, a first estimate is computed from noisy simulated observations without it a priori parameter values. Then the resulting parameter estimate is improved by using the classical least-squares method.








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  • Department Genie Informatique, University of Technology of Compiegne, BP 20 529, 60 205 Compiegne Cedex, France
  • University of Sciences and Tech., Lille, France
  • Department Genie Informatique, University of Technology of Compiegne, BP 20 529, 60 205 Compiegne Cedex, France
  • CRBA - Faculty of Pharmacy, BP 14 491, 34093 Montpellier Cedex 5, France


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