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2004 | 14 | 1 | 43-51

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ABR traffic control over multisource single-bottleneck ATM networks

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The problem of flow control in fast, connection-oriented communication networks supporting the traffic generated by multiple sources is considered. A novel sampled time strategy governing the behaviour of the sources is proposed. The strategy combines the Smith principle with the conventional sampled time proportional controller. It guarantees an equal resource allocation between various users, full bottleneck link utilisation and no cell loss in the controlled network. Consequently, the need for cell retransmission is eliminated and a high throughput is ensured. Furthermore, transmission rates generated by the algorithm are limited. This property permits a direct implementation of the proposed strategy in the network environment. A simulation example confirms favourable performances of the proposed control scheme.








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  • Institute of Automatic Control, Technical University of Łódź, ul. Stefanowskiego 18/22, 90-924 Łódź, Poland
  • Institute of Automatic Control, Technical University of Łódź, ul. Stefanowskiego 18/22, 90-924 Łódź, Poland


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