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1999 | 90 | 2 | 155-171
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Nonanalytic automorphic integrals on the Hecke groups

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1. Introduction. Since its genesis over a century ago in work of Jacobi, Riemann, Poincar ́e and Klein [Ja29, Ri53, Le64], the theory of automorphic forms has burgeoned from a branch of analytic number theory into an industry all its own. Natural extensions of the theory are to integrals [Ei57, Kn94a, KS96, Sh94], thereby encompassing Hurwitz’s prototype, the analytic weight 2 Eisenstein series [Hu81], and to nonanalytic forms [He59, Ma64, Sel56, ER74, Fr85]. A generalization in both directions at once has also been the subject of some scrutiny. In the present study, inspired by unpublished work of Knopp [Kn94], we consider the nonanalytic automorphic integral.
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